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Feb 26, 2016
Visual Tcl
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ScreenShots in Linux i686, KDE 2.01

The main application toolbar contains a dock for frequently accessed widget attributes and the icons for selecting geometry management.
Left to right: relief, border, anchor, pack side, foreground, background, font, font-size, font-style, text-alignment, grid manager, pack manager, and place manager. On the bottom from left to right are the status indicator, mode indicator and save status bar.
The toolbar is contains icons for each supported widget. From here you can create toplevel         windows (that's a form for you VB people) and insert widgets. From left to right and top to bottom: pointer for selecting widgets, toplevel, message, frame, canvas, button, entry, label, listbox, text, checkbutton, radiobutton, vertical scrollbar, horizontal scrollbar, vertical scale, horizontal scale, menubutton.
The attribute editor allows the manipulation of widget  attributes which are not geometry-manager specific. These attributes are returned by tcl commands in the form: 

           .widget configure

The procedure browser...
... and it's associated procedure editor, that comes with copy/paste and find/replace tools.
The find/replace tool.
A list of windows (forms) in your project.
In Tcl/Tk, event handlers are defined using the powerful "bindings" mechanism.
Adding custom bindings.
Binding tags allow several widgets to react to the same events.
The widget tree shows how your widgets are organized.
Editing menus in your application...
Application preferences.
In your project you can maintain a list of images...
... and use them for the label widget for example.
Here you see the label widget configured with the image shown above.
Managing a list of fonts in your project...
... adding a new font ...
... selecting a font for a widget ...
... here we go.
The command console enables you to quickly issue commands and check their results.
The system inspector helps you to check whether variables exist, which packages are loaded, what window bindings are, etc.
Ooops... something wrong happened.
Let's take a look at the stack trace.
Build-in support for [Incrl Tcl/Tk] and megawidgets.
The widget tree displays childsites of [Incr Tcl/Tk] widgets.

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