Visual Tcl

Feb 26, 2016
Visual Tcl
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Visual Tcl is a freely-available, high-quality application development environment for UNIX, Windows, Macintosh and AS400 platforms. Visual Tcl is written entirely in Tcl/Tk and generates pure Tcl/Tk code. This makes porting your Visual Tcl applications either unnecessary or trivial. Visual Tcl is covered by the GNU General Public License.


  • 100% pure Tcl/Tk. No external libraries required.
  • Extensible widget and geometry manager support.
  • Create compound widgets and widget libraries.
  • GUI interface for most aspects of Tcl/Tk development.
  • Support for user images and fonts in your project.
  • Imports pre-existing Tcl/Tk code.
  • Built-in support for widget toolkits including: [incr Widgets], BLT, TkTable
  • Visual Tcl features new ready-to-use widgets: combo box, multicolumn listbox, progress bar
  • Predefined compounds available including scrolled text, scrolled listbox, scrolled canvas, horizontal and vertical splitters
  • Exports Tclets which run in Netscape/MSIE. You must have the Tcl Pluginto see the Tclets.
  • Support for freewrap. Generate binaries for Windows or Linux.
  • History

    Visual Tcl was originally written by Stewart Allen.

    It was then maintained by Christian Gavin and Damon Courtney.

    Kenneth Parker was lead developer 2005-2006.

    Visual Tcl is currently maintained by unixabg.

    For more information, please read the documentation and FAQ.

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